Individual Studio Light 

Training In this workshop, you will see that one day is enough time to redefine studio light and its understanding.

Workshops. Professional photographer stasya_stars

1 Proper preparation for the shoot is the key to a successful photo shoot. 
2 Setting up your camera. How to shoot so that your raw photos require minimal processing. 
3 Support. The ability to ask follow-up questions after the training.
4 Format. Off-line training, which lasts 2-2,5 hours in the studio. 
5 Individual approach. Possibility to edit the program according to your tasks.

Master Class Program

Preparing to shoot

The ingredients of a good frame: 

 What should you consider?

 Preparing to shoot

Light scheme options (Soft / Hard)

When is soft/hard light used?

 “The Light That Works for Everyone. 

 A work and review of light schemes that are hard to mess up with.

Working with flags

What are they for, how to work with them and when to use them.  

Shooting in a light key

Light Schemes

Shooting in a dark key

Light Schemes


During the lesson, I give comprehensive answers to various questions about the topic. If you have questions, we can emphasize them and break them down in detail.


 Individual training in working with studio light.